MENA Speed

MENA Speed is the first drag race game with tracks in major cities across the Middle East, pumping adrenaline with screeching tires and burned rubber across the roads of Dubai, Amman, Kuwait and Cairo. The player can customize and upgrade the car then accept challenges across different terrains.

There are many different power-ups to enjoy by upgrading the car engine, gearbox, cooling system, and manifold to improve its performance; and customize its look with different paint jobs, spoilers and rims; all with a wide range of options.

The game is compatible with both the PSP and PS3 consoles and is sold on PSN.


Word Blocked is a word game with a twist, quite literally. The game revolves around a 3×3 block of letters that can be twisted and turned to align into words. Form longer words for higher scores and earn multipliers when you form a series of correct words. Shake your device at any time to jumble up the letters and rearrange them on the cube!

In Time Limit mode you must find as many words as possible within the time limit. Use bombs and missiles to change the letters on the cube for greater word options.

In Relaxed mode, try to make it all the way to Level 10 by achieving the highest score possible, and play as long as you can until you are Word Blocked!

  • ‘Word Blocked is Quirkat’s and one of the PlayStation Mobile lineup’s best games yet.’ – PSP Minis 9.5/10
  • ‘It seems to be the Touchscreen-Era lovechild of Boggle and the Rubik’s Cube.’ – PSP Minis
  • ‘The touchscreen controls are magnificent, probably the best among PlayStation Mobile games.’ – PSP Minis
  • ‘If you’re into word building it’s definitely worth a go.’ – Kotaku

The game is published for the PlayStation®Mobile Platform.


Buba was a little beetle that lived with all the other beetles in beetle land. As Buba walked over the grass, it turned to stone. Buba was cursed! His friends said he was ruining all their food as they could no longer reach the seeds. Buba was sad. Everyone stopped talking to him! Buba thought maybe if he collected all the seeds for his friends they would love him again?

Buba is a puzzle game with the objective of collecting all the seeds available in each level. The levels consist of different paths of tiles that you, as Buba, walk over with certain constraints of course. Tiles change colour when Buba passes over them, and Buba can only walk on tiles that match his current colour. Strategically planning your moves and with the aid of magic tiles that let you change Buba’s colour, your aim is to chart your path with the least number of moves to progress in the game.

Buba is available on iOS, Android and PlayStation Mobile.

Basha Card Games

The first ever Arabic title developed for the PlayStation minis platform, compatible with both the PSP and PS3 consoles. It includes three of the most popular card games in the Middle East: Basha Trix, Basha Tarneeb and Basha Baloot. The games are sold separately or in a bundle of three on PlayStation Network.