A group of magical space critters have landed on earth on a quest to find life beyond their weird and crazy planet. They had the misfortune of landing in the backyard of the deranged robo-scientist ZONKT who was so angry they’d ruined his bed of home-grown radio-active courgettes that he punished the critters by locking them up in his crate of cruelty. But help is at hand! The critters’ compatriots are floating on their way down to earth to save the pioneers. Save the critters before ZONKT uses his super evil compressor to make critter jelly cubes out of them to cook in place of the courgettes they’d ruined.

This fast-action arcade iPad game opens up to their beautifully animated story with a very catchy song that’ll keep replaying in your head! The player needs to get as many critters as possible out of the crate. You have 4 game modes to choose from; each one featuring different gameplay and end goal, and each mode consisting of 25 levels to progress through. New critters are introduced periodically as the levels increase across all modes.

Available on iOS and Android.