Buba was a little beetle that lived with all the other beetles in beetle land. As Buba walked over the grass, it turned to stone. Buba was cursed! His friends said he was ruining all their food as they could no longer reach the seeds. Buba was sad. Everyone stopped talking to him! Buba thought maybe if he collected all the seeds for his friends they would love him again?

Buba is a puzzle game with the objective of collecting all the seeds available in each level. The levels consist of different paths of tiles that you, as Buba, walk over with certain constraints of course. Tiles change colour when Buba passes over them, and Buba can only walk on tiles that match his current colour. Strategically planning your moves and with the aid of magic tiles that let you change Buba’s colour, your aim is to chart your path with the least number of moves to progress in the game.

Buba is available on iOS, Android and PlayStation Mobile.

Al Moosiqar (The Musician)

Al-Moosiqar is out now on the iPad and Android. This game gives users the chance to reconnect with one of the Oriental music’s greatest instruments: the ‘Oud’ or lute as its more commonly known in the West. Play back some of the Middle East’s greatest classic and modern hits with the Oud or Tabla, hit the notes and strum according to the flow of notes on the screen. This version features a multiplayer mode, fantastic updated graphics, custom recorded music, and Game Center achievements.

Al-Moosiqar won the Judge’s Choice Award for Nokia’s Calling All Innovators “Bil3arabi” 2009 contest.

Mythic Palace

Quirkat co-developed the Middle East’s first Arabic language collectible card game in which players construct decks and summon all the forces at their command, including mythic creatures of ancient lore to heroes wielding jeweled swords and magical powers as they build temples, baths and living quarters for their people. If successful, players become legendary architects by building the most powerful fortress to stand the test of time.

Tariq’s Treasure

Tariq’s Treasure is a trilingual mobile Java title, where Tariq the traveler has to be rescued from the mysterious and dangerous tunnels of the desert!  The player becomes an agent, archeologist or treasure hunter while collecting valuable jewels, meeting and befriending helpful companions and fighting dangerous creatures in the quest to defeat the ultimate enemy and rescue Tariq.