Tawle (Backgammon)

A game of luck and skill. A very popular board game. Tawle is the first game that features three of the most prevalent variants of backgammon in the Middle East: Sheish Beish, Ma7booseh and 31. It’s a two-player game currently available on FacebookAndroid and iOS.

Fantasy Football

Fully customizable, visually rich Facebook apps which appeal to the international market, available in three languages (Arabic, English and French). The game allows users to create their own leagues in which they can compete head to head against selected friends. They can increase their team budgets by sending and receiving virtual currency among friends, and can top up the player transfer quota as the real life matches progress; all through in-game micro-transactions. The game was originally released for the 2010 FIFA World Cup and has subsequently been released to accompany the UEFA Champions League seasons.These form a foundation for Quirkat’s upcoming pipeline; we are looking to expand this area by exploring other sports related social games.